Black Marble

Chris Bell and Creative Design Studios Team proud to bring you Black Marble!

Black Marble Project was named after NASA's (Suomi NPP) Project, Black Marble is our latest development; a highly configurable and the most advanced Night Lighting System created to date!, providing global and native worldwide road network coverage to all major Simulation platforms!

Black Marble brings a huge update to simulator's native vector data worldwide!

The current stock vector data is replaced with up-to date (March 2017) dataset; that is significantly more detailed and accurate on a worldwide scale, adding hundreds of thousands real world vectored road data, coupled with native lighting features in your simulator; all around the globe!

In one convenient seamlessly integrated package Black Marble transforms your night, no matter where you fly.

Our latest Black Marble night lighting system is different than our traditional Night Environment series.

Flight Simulator Default VAS consumption Test.
Flight Simulator with Black Marble base lights OFF VAS consumption Test.
Flight Simulator with Black Marble base lights ON VAS consumption test.
Flight Simulator with Black Marble base + vector lights OFF VAS consumption Test.
Flight Simulator with Black Marble base + vector lights ON VAS consumption Test.

We designed and built our Night Lighting System to integrate seamlessly with Sim's native framework, This means you control lighting density through Sim's native Autogen slider as your native 3D Night Lighting controllers!

Then we added our new and extremely powerful manager; to give you even more control than ever before was possible!

our new manager interface is made simple, clean, intuitive and easy to understand, yet behind its innocent simplicity our new manager packs an amazing punch like never seen before offering you literally endless option to garnish the night; properly filling your entire night view, the way it should been from the start!

Black Marble Base Manager interface.
Black Marble Base with default configuration loaded.
Black Marble Base + Vector Manager interface.
Black Marble Base + Vector with default configuration loaded.

Since all our new roads have the option to activate road traffic we included over 170 cars with front and back 3D headlights beams that cast light on the ground, you also get an ample of lighting styles to choose from, ranging from different colors, shapes, and sizes, to Volumetric colored lighting, you get to choose everything! Sure you can just pick a predefined profile and go flying at night like you've never seen before, but if you really want to take control over night lighting; With Black Marble You got it!

Standard lighting style.
Volumetric lighting.
Few examples of Black Marble night lights library, including over 170 cars with headlights, and ample of 3D lighting bawls in many shapes and colors (not all items displayed).

With Black marble the world comes to life at night no matter where you are around the world, and... we didn't stop there as one might think! yes there's more to it than meets the eye!

Black Marble comes with its own Vector package; it is a unique approach that was never ventured before, we compiled the whole world road network data and converted to... You guessed it; Sim's native framework structure, this means Sim will now have all the roads in the world laid out correctly during day or night you will always have 1:1 real world road network replica right in your Simulator. One of the side effects of this new data grid is that it forces Sim to generate a more accurate auto generated scenery; as the new road system data will dictate a more accurate layout, Sim's auto generated scenery has to follow the new road and generate a more accurate representation according to the new network; this happens natively regardless of which 3rd party add-ons/textures one is running.

When the night fall's that's when the magic happens, this new Vector grid can be seen accurately with all its glory as far as the eye can see, you can and should use our system for night training; the data is guaranteed to match 1:1 real world coordinates!

Wait... it's not over yet as for us our new system wasn't complete without one more element that's always been missing...

Better believe it because we did it! with Black Marble Vector we also bring you for the first time ever - 3D bridges worldwide!

3D bridges real-world comparison (Prins Clausplein Bridge, The Netherlands).
3D bridges in Sim Prins Clausplein Bridge, The Netherlands (levels shown with tracer texture!).
3D bridges in Sim Spaghetti Junction, UK.
3D bridges in Sim Macarthur Maze Oakland, CA.

That's right your heard it correctly Worldwide 3D Bridges! No more flat bridges over Photoreal or native scenery; from now on all bridges interconnect and crisscross weave in and out of each other above ground, did we mention that's everywhere!


  • A comprehensive cumulative update to simulator's native vector roads data Worldwide.
  • Accurate and most recent worldwide navigational road network; coupled with highly configurable night lighting system.
  • First ever native 3 Dimensional bridges worldwide!
  • New Car library with front and rear 3D light beams.
  • Advanced night lighting system manager.
  • Volumetric lighting.

Compatible with FSX, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D v1.x, v2.x, v3.x., v4.x., as well as all major Third party add-ons!!!

Chris Bell, Creative Design Studios

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